Three ways to better secure your hybrid environment

As more organizations adopt a hybrid cloud model for IT, its no surprise theyre encountering new security challenges. With more surface area to cover, more mission-critical assets to protect, and more sophisticated threats to defend against, security issues become increasingly complex.

And with the average cost of a data breach to a single company now $3.8 million and rising, its easy to understand why security remains top of mind.

To help, weve created a webinar that provides suggestions on addressing these new security challenges in a hybrid cloud environment. The webinar also offers a high-level overview of the changing role IT operations management plays in security.

There are essentially three areas where hybrid cloud management and security can make a real difference for your organization.

1. Bring IT and security operations together

Often IT operations are working with one set of tools and procedures while security teams use an entirely different set. This lack of integration between the systems that detect threats and the systems that respond to them means it now takes 146 days for organizations to discover a data breach.

Bringing IT and security together can have a profound impact on your efficiency in fighting security threats. For example, IT may be investigating a performance issue that, at its root, really turns out to be a security issue like a brute force attack. With an integrated approach, you can quickly pass off that information and take action.

2. Ensure good security hygiene

Once you have your team in place, its time to get your data in line. With your data in one place, you can more easily tackle the basics that sometimes get overlooked. Things like identifying systems that have missing or outdated security updates and incomplete configurations, and taking a hard look at anomalous network traffic and user behavior.


3. Enable rapid threat detection and response

The advantage of having your teams integrated and your data in one place is that you can become more efficient in how you handle security events. You can improve your threat detection capabilities and reduce the amount of time it takes to investigate and recover from attacks. With the right tools, you can quickly search data, see a map of suspicious traffic, understand a single threat, or get a comprehensive picture of your entire system.

Watch Three Ways to Better Secure your Hybrid Cloud Environment

We cover these points in greater detail and a whole lot more. Learn about all the steps you can take to get better visibility of your security posture and how Operations Management Suite can help.

Watch the webinar



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January 4, 2017 at 04:09AM

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