Mobility Minute: What Recurring Revenue Opportunities Should The Channel Explore?

Where can solution providers find recurring revenue through mobile solutions and services?


According to Kevin Gilroy, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, solution providers should not overlook the recurring revenue opportunities that come from hardware upgrades.


“Hardware itself is a recurring revenue stream. The average B2B customer changes out their hardware, their handheld device, about every two years, some less,” Gilroy said. “Loaded into that handheld device is lots of recurring revenue. At Samsung we have Knox software — security software — and application software from partners like Microsoft.”


Gilroy also touched on how Samsung plans to empower its channel partners in 2017.


“There are a number of things we’re doing. One is we’ve brought in super-talented people, people who really understand channel partners, value-added resellers, and [also] fantastic enablement to make it really easy, delightful and enjoyable for our partners to sell our solutions,” he said.

via Latest News from CRN

January 6, 2017 at 05:52AM

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